carteret county workforce

Workforce Overview

 Carteret CountyNorth CarolinaUnited States
Mean Travel Time to Work (minutes)23.624.126.1
Average Wages$35,946$45,280$49,630
Per Capita Income$29,348$26,779$29,826

Source: AccessNC – March 2018; Bureau of Labor Statistics – 2018

Labor Market Orientation

North Carolina offers a very favorable business climate and exceptional training programs to expanding business and industry. In Carteret County substantial numbers of productive employees are available at very competitive rates of compensation. The local workforce can provide large numbers of entry level; manufacturing, assembly and production; technical and research; clerical and information service employees with high educational attainment levels. The exceptional quality of life and affordable lifestyle found in Carteret County make it easy to attract and retain key employees.

Labor Environment

North Carolina is a right-to-work state, with a unionization rate that is among the lowest in the nation. Carteret County and the offers low workers’ compensation rates, and unemployment insurance rates that are also among the nation’s lowest.

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