Tourism Overview

Tourism - Carteret Economic Development

Carteret County, part of the Southern Outer Banks, is known as the “The Crystal Coast” because of its 81 miles of white sandy beaches. The location of the coast is unique…the sun rises and sets over the ocean. The beaches face south rather than east from the southern point of Core Banks at Cape Lookout to the west end of Bogue Banks.

In addition, the north winds calm the ocean water close to the beaches while the Crystal Coast’s proximity to the Gulf Stream keeps water temperatures mild. The waters have an abundance of aquatic life; the offshore Gulf Stream features the northern range of southern species and the southern range of northern species.

Tourism is one of the area’s largest and fast growing industries and a major component of the Carteret County economy. Carteret County has more than 3,400 tourism-related jobs with an annual payroll of $65.05 million in 2016. In fact, tourism and travel in 2016 generated $351.67 million dollars in revenue, which is a 4.37% increase over 2015…placing the County in the top 13 in North Carolina.

The state and local tax revenues from travel and tourism amounted to $36.6 million and represented a $521.98 tax savings to each county resident.

Crystal Coast Tourism Authority (TDA)

The Crystal Coast Tourism Authority (TDA) exists to serve visitors and residents of North Carolina’s Crystal Coast please contact the TDA for extensive information on our beaches, things to do, places to stay, scheduling your next meeting, golf and dining.


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